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Jurassic Fight Club

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The International Arena of Dinosaur Battle

The Arena is the only place in the world where Jurassic Fight Club resides and the only arena dedicated to dinosaur battles! Tournaments take place here every month, and only one will win! There are several rules: 1. To qualify, you must possess a dinosaur. Dinosaurs are categorized by size into groups: a) Small(1-4 meters) b) Medium(5-8 meters) c) Large(9-18 meters) d) Giant(over 19 meters) 2. Your dinosaur needs to have at least some basic training to fight. 3. There are 16 competitors in each monthly tournament. Eighth-finals, quarterfinals, semifinals and finals are separated by 3 preparation days. 4. To prevent animal cruelty, killing an opponent in battle is strictly forbidden. Only a knockout can be performed to bring it down. 5. The winner receives a 50.000 $ award and a golden cup. All other contestants who have failed win 25.000$ each. 6. No rematches are allowed.
11Sat Jan 12, 2013 9:52 am
James Hetfield Jurassic Fight Club rules(in detail)
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John Hammond's Exclusive Tournament Island & Dinosaur Reserve

This is Eiland van die verlore, meaning Island of the Lost in the Afrikaans language, an island two-hundred miles off the African coast of Namibia. The island is not shown on any maps to date and is protected by the Namibia Defence Force. Privately owned by John Parker Hammond, he uses it as a natural habitat for his largest collection of dinosaurs that InGen is unaware of. Hammond also uses the island to host his exclusive dinosaur battle tournaments to prep others for the dinosaur fights of Jurassic Fight Club. The facility is in the center of the island and fenced off from Hammond's dinosaurian inhabitants. It has special living areas for the invited contestants and the work forces hired by John Hammond. It also features secure and natural holding enclosures for your dinosaurs, there are a total of twenty. Finally, there is a special training area that is available to train one dinosaur at a time against Hammond's collection of dinosaurs. Here are the list of rules of the facility that cannot be broken. (Below) 1. You can't request to be invited, you will be invited through your message board by John Hammond himself. 2. You can pick a specific dinosaur to train. 3. The mini-tournaments go by three different ranked classifications of battles...they are the following: Light division-Dinosaurs 19 feet or less Average Division-Dinosaurs between 20 to 31 feet Heavy Division-Dinosaurs larger than 31 feet 4. The rules of Jurasssic Fight Club also apply here...break them and you will have tough consequences.
1138Sat May 24, 2014 12:51 am
John Hammond John Hammond's Mysterious Disappearance
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James Hetfield's mansion

The home of James Hetfield, one of the main characters of the game. It a vast local that includes: a hall, a large garage, a home cinema, a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom with 6 beds, an arcade, a small music studio, a guitar rack, a vast party area with a stage and a swimming pool, and next to this is the training ground, with large enclosures for each dinosaur and a lot of open space to move around. If you wanna hang out with the frontman of Metallica, post here!
1102Sat May 24, 2014 2:41 am
Curt Von Doom The Titanic II's arrival to New York City
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The Latverian Embassy

Built in the center of New York City, the Latverian Embassy is Curt's go to time when he wants time alone or plots evil plans for his enemies. The Embassy used to belong to Curt's ancestor, Victor Von Doom, & it still stands tall. Guards patrol all over because this is a dinosaur museum with a hotel & his mansion built in with it, the hotel contains hundreds of rooms while the mansion itself has at least 20 rooms. The back of the Embassy contains a swimming pool with a playground for children & a place to train dinosaurs.
1193Sat May 24, 2014 2:48 am
Curt Von Doom A new visitor
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Doomstadt, Latveria

The city of Doomstadt in the small European country of Latveria is the town where Doctor Curt Von Doom rules as the king. Here, Doom's word is law! In the middle of the city lies a massive castle, where Curt rules as king! The castle itself has been standing tall & strong ever since the middle ages! The city itself is a good vacation spot for those wanting a vacation. Behind the castle is a massive colloseum-like structure, where training battles take place. There is also a small zoo where dinosaurs live at as well. When visiting here, don't make trouble, go by the law of the king, or suffer the consequences of Doctor Doom!
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The RMS Titanic II- the Official JFC Ocean Cruise Liner

The RMS Titanic II is the official JFC Ocean Cruise Liner! Passengers can load their dinosaurs in special holding cells in the cargo hold at the bottom of the ship. There are 4 dinosaur training battle arenas in the ship. Each giving a feeling of prehistoric times. There are at least more than 300 state rooms, 50 dining rooms, & several dancing ball rooms. There is also a swimming pool as well. You can also take a grand tour of the ship & meet all the crew members, including the captain. So enjoy your stay & have a trip of a lifetime of this rebuild of a long gone 1912 classic.
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Madeline Mansion

Valeria's home & birthplace, the mansion is home to over 20 individual rooms with it's own servant & butler services. With a main hall/living room, an outdoor facility for pool, tennis, etc & a training area for the dinosaurs.
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The Madeline Dinosaur Reserve and National Park

Funded by the Madeline family for several years, the Dinosaur reserve & National Park is a luxurious facility on a large island off the coast of Brazil. Fully protected by the Brazilian government. Much like Jurassic Park, the Reserve contains & houses many different species of dinosaurs, featured in their natural habitats. Only on a larger scale. The National Park houses a massive museum with the largest collection of dinosaur fossils, skeletons & other remains anywhere in the world. Visitor's have the choice of visiting the live reserve or the museums as the national park also houses outdoor exhibits. With it's own Hotel services, food facilities and gift shops, this place has it all. The island is also home to a training facility for all tournament contestants to help train their dinosaurs for battle. You are free to train ANY dinosaur you wish as they are contained in special reserved enclosures. All courtesy of the Madeline Family. Open to the public 24/7.
11Sun Dec 09, 2012 5:29 pm
Kristoff Madeline The National Dinosaur Safari- Now Opening!
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Prehistoric Park

This is Nigel Marven's dinosaur reserve. Bult in Africa in 2006, Prehistoric Park is home to dinosaurs & prehistoric animals which Nigel has brought back himself. Here, the park has really turned into a reserve more than a zoo, but visitors can still come to check out the animals themselves. There is also 2 arenas for battles, 1 is a training arena & the other is a mini tournament area. All open to the public 24/7. Spared no expense from Prehistoric Park.
1137Sat May 24, 2014 2:52 am
Curt Von Doom Nigel's Return/ new visitors
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The Serengeti Dinosaur Reserve

The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Africa...famous for its annual migration of wildebeests zebras. Its a spectacular place to see some of Africa's greatest animals, from lions and crocodiles to elephants and impala. The park is funded by the Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute, which is responsible for sustaining and researching the local wildlife. Now however, they get to research and study animals of a different nature...and its all thanks to Robert T. Bakker. Not far from Serengeti National Park, there is another animal conservation area, the Serengeti Dinosaur Reserve. Founded by Robert Bakker and funded by the Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute, this is a dinosaur reserve where guests can come and see unique dinosaurs in a all natural environment, with the dinosaurs separated from the outside world by the natural geography of this wondrous location. The reserve covers 6,000 square miles of perfect, African habitat to support the great variety of dinosaurs that live here. The most famous, rare, and exotic dinosaurs imaginable call the reserve their home. There is only one, major facility for guests to stay in...and it happens to be settled by a newly discovered river where dinosaurs come down to drink at. Guests also have access to a larger part of the facility in which they can have dinosaurs battles, but they aren't tournaments, they are to prep guests for actual tournaments...so come and see the grandeur of the greats dinosaur reserve in the world. Its an experience you will never forget, as stated by Robert Bakker himself.
167Sat May 24, 2014 11:58 am
James Hetfield Deadly 60 comes to Africa
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HYDRA Island

An unknown & uncharted island in the middle of the vast stretches of the Atlantic Ocean, Hydra Island is one of the 3 major strongholds of the operations made by the terrorist organization known as HYDRA. The island itself is surrounded by a series of large jagged cliffs & rocks that make exploration on the island by boat or sea nearly impossible. Its mountain walls & rocky peeks & pillars are nearly impenetrable. The most safest way possible to venture here is by aircraft & even then, the danger is imminent. The entire coats line & the waters that surround the island are concealed by thick layers of fog that stretch for hundreds of yards. Inside the island is the base of operations itself. Equipped with it's own landing space & housing some of the world's most advanced technology. Like the rest of the HYDRA bases. Here, the organization tends to work more on the military operations, where soldiers train with their elite dinosaurs & weapons new are tested. The organization carry out most of their military operations & further planning here. It is here where soldiers come to train. Along with their dinosaurs. It is here where dinosaurs are made to become the ultimate fighting machines. To become the "Perfect Saurians." The island is home to a massive arena where the forces of HYDRA train & battle with their dinosaurs, while they are kept in secure enclosures. It is also here that two of the leading members of the organization reside- Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker & Madame Hydra. All those who would challenge the power of HYDRA come here to partake in a series of battles & advancements. There are 5 matches total & each one only gets harder as you advance. But if you loose, you loose completely without a second chance. No rematches & no exceptions. Challengers are to only use 1 dinosaur pure fight & they must use that 1 dinosaur for all 5 fights. In the semi final fight, challengers go up against Madame Hydra & the final fight, is Baron Strucker himself! Outsiders are forbidden! Those who trespass will suffer by the hand of HYDRA! You venture here at your own peril. Beware.....
11Mon Dec 03, 2012 10:33 pm
Kristoff Madeline A message for those who dare challenge HYDRA!
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Castle Zemo

A land shrouded in mystery...Located in the vast wilderness of Central Europe, near the mountain ranges & rivers that lead to lakes & the Mediterranean, the massive structure stands on top of a rocky hill near the mountainous terrain, where it faces both the sun rise & the sun set. Placed in one of the purest regions of all Europe. Yet the land itself is shrouded in mystery as the owner of the castle is as well. It's location is unknown to most of the world. No longer marked in any known map made by man today, except the ancient maps made by men long ago...By the Bloodline of The Baron....It has sat undisturbed by outsiders for ages.....& for good reason. The castle alone stands over 8 stories tall. Making it one of the largest structures in the area & one of the largest castles made by man. Created as the stronghold & the home of "The Baron" bloodline over 500 years ago, it is also one of the oldest structures & castles still standing today. It's very walls have never been breached. It's appearance looks as if it was made just a few years ago. But it's eerie presence is all but enough to keep outsiders from intruding the castle and the land surrounding it. As it is proclaimed & kept safe by the authority of the bloodline. Now, the castle belongs to the most recent man to be entitled the Baron....Baron Heinrich Zemo. It is this very castle where he resides. He has claimed the ancient castle as his base of operations. With the Baron's own genius, he has turned this once proud stronghold into a war fortress. It's walls are heavily defended with advanced weapons' technology. Among one of the most advanced of the world technology. Here the Baron thrives as the "King" of this land. With his own servants o do his bidding, Zemo reigns supreme & with an iron fist. Inside the castle, Zemo holds many of his experiments & operations deep in the bowels of the castle in an advanced laboratory & base of operations. Here, he constructs plans to aid his own agenda's. The castle is also one of the 3 strongholds of the HYDRA forces. As Zemo has agreed to lend his property for the use of HYDRA. Here, the legacy & the legend of The Baron bloodline lives on. Within these very walls, the stories & memories of the bloodline are kept secret & safe.....& only one man lives this day to cherish those secrets. The castle is also home to a large battle fortress & arena for his dinosaurs to train. Along with the dinosaurs of HYDRA. Much like HYDRA Island, those who come to challenge & to fight are taken through a series of battles. The rules of JFC still apply, but also the rules from HYDRA island. You may only use 1 dinosaur from your roster to battle all 5 matches. If you lose, it's all over. The final battle is a match between The Baron himself. But be warned.......No one has ever defeated The Baron. Outsiders are forbidden! Trespassers shall know suffering like never before by the hand of The Baron! You venture here at your own peril......Beware. Long Live The Baron...
1146Thu Mar 20, 2014 8:23 pm
Kristoff Madeline An Uninvited Guest to the Baron
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The HYDRA fortress

A region of the world shrouded in complete mystery ever since the end of WW2, 1945, the location of this massive fortress is unknown to the rest of the world & all those who discover it.....Never last long & never live to tell about it. Located in the unknown & mountainous regions of Germany, the fortress is the main strong hold of the terrorist organization known to the world as HYDRA! Led by the evil & villainous Friedrich Schmidt- The Red Skull! The massive black tower stands tall in the air like a dark spear in the air! The entire area is covered in a vast field of fog that stretches for five hundred yards. Covering the Fortress from complete view & even satellite view. It is believed that the fortress was constructed centuries ago by a powerful army of conquerors. The massive, castle like structure stands upon a mountainous terrain where life has no meaning & where there is no spec of green for miles. The fortress itself stands upon a large chasm, surrounded by a large lake underneath. Hear in the main head quarters of HYDRA, The Red Skull reigns supreme with all his evil & hatred! It is here where he & the rest of HYDRA create their plans for a new world order. It is also here where HYDRA succeeded in creating their very first dinosaurs & thus started the plan to take control of all dinosaurs. To make them "The Perfect Saurians!" The fortress alone is heavily guarded & defended at all times! Stationed with a 24 hour guard duty & advanced weapons technology to ward off intruders. The fortress is consisted in four different areas. The main area of the tower is the entrance & the gathering hall of the HYDRA forces. Dedicated to their military advancements & training as well as an arena to train their dinosaurs. The upper portion of the fortress is where the Red Skull's office & quarters reside. Where the evil man plots his new plans to rule the world! The last section of the fortress, the underground levels, is dedicated to their scientific research, where several large laboratories reside & where many weapons are created along with their own dinosaurs! But lastly, on the very top of the fortress, lies a vast Coliseum where dinosaur battles take place. Here, outsiders & those who challenge The Red Skull himself come here to engage in an all out, no holds bared fight with their dinosaurs. A tournament in which the challenger, in the end, will face the leader of HYDRA himself! There are a total of Ten matches in the tournament & each one only gets harder as you advance. . The rules of JFC apply to these matches while the rules of HYDRA island also apply here as well. First, you must pick one & ONLY one dinosaur to use for the battle. You must use that single dinosaur in all the matches. Choose wisely. Secondly, if you loose.....Then you loose the tournament completely. Without any second chances. Often times the Red Skull will make bargains in the tournament. Should you loose, then you must complete the end of the bargain, no matter the price. If one refuses, then HYDRA will hold you prisoner until you do so! Thus, those who loose shall pay a price! The cost will be dearly & it will be followed by the word & law that is HYDRA! Challengers who loose shall have the option to pay a price to the organization! The loosers, those who foolishly challenge the organization must either surrender to the will of HYDRA & from there, do whatever bidding we desire (From there we will decide your freedom if such thing shall be available), or you are to be taken with your dinosaurs as prisoners! Your only way out is if another challenger wishes to win & seek your freedom along with your dinosaurs! From which HYDRA will have full access to use as we please. Pray it is not you... Outsiders are strictly forbidden! Those who trespass will suffer the wrath of the Red Skull & by the hand of HYDRA! You venture here at your own peril. Beware.....
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The Ponderosa

Welcome to the Ponderosa my friends. Where an area of songs & stories about the American West. A land of legend, romance, friendship, loyalty, & courage. A mother-load of remembrance. A TRUE Bonanza. Here you can explore the wilderness where cattle & horses roam, maybe even a few coyotes or bears. But there also are dinosaurs here. Some of them maybe those that are wild dinosaurs. You can have battles with your dinosaurs here. Not tournaments, oh no, but a preparation for real, actual tournaments. To the north of us is the legendary Virginia City of Nevada, where you can explore & visit souvenir stores & buy thing. So come on down to the Ponderosa, the Cartwrights await for your arrival. All courtesy of the owner, Ben Cartwright.
1245Thu Mar 20, 2014 8:24 pm
Kristoff Madeline After the Chaos...
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Killer Croc's territory

A few miles away from Queensland, Australia...there is a place that few ever get to see. A stone wall was built by Australian mafia members back in 2002 and it stretched over 28 miles in a complete circle. Why is was built is unknown to many, but the only way inside is by boat through a crocodile infested river system. You will then see a lush expanse of the richest Australian environment, filled with trees and natural foliage. Traveling further up the river, you will enter into a marsh-like billabong, which is surrounded by natural wildlife...you may even see or hear one of the dinosaurian inhabitants. And after about 25 to 30 minutes, you will arrive at a cave, where there lives the monster. It has a name...Killer Croc! Nearby the cave, is a arena where visitors can do battle...pitting dinosaur against dinosaur. Obey the rules of the Croc or you may not be able to leave...you may find yourself in a terrible situation against Australia's saltwater crocodile. You have been warned!
1232Sat May 24, 2014 12:55 am
John Hammond A new arrival
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Joubert Valley Wildlife Park

In Africa, there are many places that have yet to be explored by scientists. But in a remote area of Zimbabwe, there is a new park, untouched by many. The area was discovered by Dereck and Beverly Joubert, who were on a quest to find a reserve for African wildlife and dinosaurs. They discovered a ecosystem that stretches 17,000 square miles, including a number of small waterfalls and all nestled around a large valley. Mostly forested terrain and savanna terrain, the natural geography keeps the animals in the safety of the park, but a few large fences do cover some sections of the park. Some areas are designated for Africa's native wildlife, but a majority of the park's habitat is for the many dinosaurs that live inside the park's safe zone.
1141Sat May 24, 2014 2:16 pm
Curt Von Doom New arrivals
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Perfection Valley, Nevada

Perfection Valley is the geographical region in Nevada where the ex-silver mining town of Perfection, formally Rejection, is located. It is around 50 miles long and 10 miles wide. Situated Northwest of Las Vegas, toward Carson City, but it’s not very near either one. The edges of the isolated region consist of solid granite mountains to east and west, cliffs to the north and a rock ridge to the south. In theory, these factors should keep dinosaurs from leaving the area. What kept the dinosaurs from escaping the valley is rough mountainous terrain where the dinosaurs can't climb over, as the entrance is blocked off to the dinosaurs with a fence, except when it opens to let visitors & tourists in. Hard sandstone, which the Graboids can’t penetrate would have greeted and killed them. It also keeps the Mixmaster compound from spreading. Thanks to Melvin Plugg it increasingly faces the threat of further development by man a fact that a group of protesters tried to do something about. Also theoretically, to the north there is a popular nesting site for Ass Blasters due to the fact that Graboids always approach Perfection from the north, keeping the valleys biosphere relatively isolated. Everyone is welcome, but you have to know how to survive if you go alone, as all animals are free-roaming in this reserve type region.
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Dinosaur Region and Secret Base of Roland Kane

Australia looks barren and mostly desert, but looks can almost always be deceiving to the naked eye. For in the northern territory of Australia, a great circular shaped ravine cuts off a large expanse of pristine tropical forests from a great many humans. The area is many miles long and is mostly tropical forest and a few Australian deserts, the perfect environment for dinosaurs. And here, unlike any other place on earth, this environment has no fences or barriers...the ravine is a natural barrier that keeps the dinosaurs in the area and they roam freely. But the picture above shows that many of the dinosaurs stay around the compound where Kane stays for most of the day. It is here where his black ops soldiers also stay, protecting their leader from anyone who tries to take Kane, although the soldiers are the least of those who are foolish enough to try to venture to this dinosaur infested region. You can come at your own peril.
1197Sat May 24, 2014 1:00 am
John Hammond The Lost Region of Australia
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The Xavier Mansion

Located just a few blocks from the IAODB (International Arena of Dinosaur Battle), the Xavier Mansion is one of the most recognizable landmarks in New York City because of its beauty & luxury. Professor X, or Charles Xavier, owns the establishment & runs it not only as a home that has almost 50 rooms and a courtyard in the back with a fountain in the middle of it, but a training facility for dinosaurs. Below, the basement consists of a large arena where guests can train their dinosaurs with the guidance of Xavier himself. You can also have mini-tournaments if you wish, with 1 dinosaur-per-person for 8 players. The winner of these mini tournaments doesn't get anything, but it helps players in their experience in training these magnificent animals. So come here and visit to the Xavier Mansion & have a good time. All courtesy of Professor Charles Xavier himself.
111Thu Oct 24, 2013 12:27 am
Curt Von Doom The Proffesor's return
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Genosha - The private dinosaur sanctuary

Geographically, & historically, Genosha is an uncharted & non-recorded island shrouded in complete mystery from the rest of the world. Discovered & named by Eric "Magnus" Mendes, the island is only known to his family & very few others. Many believe that the island is myth....Others claim it is the true Lost World. While others claim it to be a "Savage Land." But in truth, Genosha is one of the most peaceful islands with it's superb & natural beauty. It is in fact the only place in all the world in which prehistoric plant life have survived for millions of years. Creating the perfect, all natural environment for dinosaur life. The island expands for 2000 square miles & is surrounded by a series of mountains & dangerous peeks. All to protect the natural prehistoric environment from other world events, climate hazards & from the catastrophic changes the planet has gone through for millions of years. The island itself is found in the Indian Ocean near the island of Madagascar & India. Scientists speculate that millions of years ago, in the dinosaur age, a piece of land was separated from Madagascar most likely from seismic/volcanic activity. The island remained separated for over 100 million years, preserving all the prehistoric fauna from the dinosaur era & it's natural geography. With it's swamps, open plains, jungles & mountainous terrains, Genosha is a natural paradise. Such is the reason why Eric "Magnus" Mendes, the founder of the island, decided to make this the safe haven for all dinosaurs. To create the perfect paradise for all dinosaurs & to escape the world & the threat Magnus believes to be man himself- the very threat that endangers them. It has no human security & no fencing. It is all guarded & protected by it's own natural geography. However Magnus has established a sense of order upon the island & it's honorary visitors. Only four major facilities are found on the island. The two docks & guest buildings, the observatory & the largest, Magnus's private building & palace. A large palace with it's own fine establishment that is ideal for anyone to live & stay in. The Palace is also home to a stadium for training his elite dinosaurs, as well as the dinosaurs of his two daughters. This is the safe haven of the dinosaurs. The "Promise Land" for all dinosaurs in the eyes of Magnus. It is one of the largest dinosaur preservations in the world with species ranging from the Triassic times, to the Cretaceous. Genosha is guarded & protected heavily by Magnus himself. Outsiders & uninvited guests are forbidden & unwelcomed! Those who come to spread ruin to the island or do not follow the established laws of the island will suffer the consequences by the hand of Magnus himself! Welcome.....To the great Dinosaur haven......Welcome.....To Genosha.
1305Thu Mar 20, 2014 8:28 pm
Kristoff Madeline An Uninvited Guest
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The Lost Desert

Throughout the world many deserts are vast & dangerous. But none compare to the dangers & mysteries that lie in the land known as the Lost Desert. A land of pure mystery. A land where danger lurks at every corner & behind ever sand dune. It is a harsh & unforgiving land, dominated by a vast stretch of sand, cliffs & mountains as far as the eye can see. Stretching from as far west of Arabia to the Sahara of Africa. The desert is one of the hottest in all the world with temperatures soaring to nearly 150 degrees Fahrenheit. But at night, it's at it's most cruel & it's cold. Temperatures can go down to as much as below 30 degrees. There is hardly a drop if not any water for miles around, but only a few patches of desert oasis are scattered for miles. No mere man dares venture to this treacherous land without facing it's unforgiving dangers & perils & only those deemed worthy or brave enough have a chance to survive. Otherwise......None may last long. But it is, nonetheless, a land of legend. For it is here where the infamous legend of the King of Thieves & the 40 Thieves was born. It is here where the legendary man rides eternally upon it's sands. Searching for new adventures & appears when he is called. Legend has it that the King of Thieves rides on even today amongst shadows & sands of the desert. Along with his new band of dinosaurs. Wherever Gassim should go, his dinosaurs are not far behind. For he rides with them. Racing across the desert with his band of dinosaurs. Here. Gassim A'rugbah reigns supreme. These are his lands. This harsh desert is also home to a secret hideout in which he & the 40 thieves once kept themselves. A ancient desert temple made from an ancient civilization long ago. It is in this very temple where the King of Thieves thrives. Keeping it under his watch & protection. It is his only home & sancuary. & legends say that somewhere....Hidden in the deepest, darkest dungeons of the temple, lies a vast mountain of treasure & gold that can turn peasants into kings.........But all those who seek this treasure, must first face the King of Thieves himself. Do you have what it takes to venture forth this treacherous land & challenge the King of Thieves himself? But beware & tread carefully. Those who dare to venture into the harsh & unforgiving land, those who seek adventure & treasures.....may become lost forever in the sands.......& will find nothing but death. So come on down....Stop on by.....On a Carpet & fly.......To another Arabian night.
199Fri Nov 29, 2013 4:25 pm
Kristoff Madeline Desert home/ The Return of the King
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The Umbrella Corporation headquarters and main factory

The throne of the mighty Umbrella, this factory is immense - dozens of acres covered with breeding facilities. This factory is described by only these words - maximum organization. At the top of it, on the 10th floor, lies the board meeting room and the offices of Professor Wesker and Dr. Cortex.
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The Baxter Building

Like the Xavier Mansion, the Baxter Building is located a few blocks from the IAODB & the Xavier Mansion itself. It is home for Jason Richards along with his wife, Susan Richards, his little brother-in-law, Johnny Storm, & old college buddy, Ben Grimm. The building has alot of floors on it, but the main section of their home is on the very top. The basement contains their team of dinosaurs nicknamed "The Fantastic Four." Here, guests can train their dinosaurs with one of the 4 dinos here, or they can take a tour of Jason's labs & other things these four have. So why don't you stop by for a visit, the Fantastic Four await your arrival.
1501Thu Mar 20, 2014 8:29 pm
Kristoff Madeline Some alone time/ A new friend
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Weyland Yutani "Rebirth" Industries (Island Facility)

The Five Deaths (Las Cinco Muertes in Spanish) is a chain of five Costa Rican islands 200 miles southwest of the mainland. Costa Rica has sovereignty and ownership of the islands. They are named Isla Matanceros, Isla Muerta, Isla Pena, Isla Sorna and Isla Tacaño. But it is Isla Muerta that Charles Weyland chose to purchase for his plan to create an island where dinosaurs could be studied and roam freely. After its purchase, Weyland's personal began swift construction of the "Rebirth" facility, with its location being built along side the largest lake of the island. Heavily guarded by Weyland Yutani soldiers and with dinosaurs roaming freely, few visitors escape alive without being escorted.
1179Sun Dec 08, 2013 1:25 am
John Hammond The Weyland Yutani Project- "Dawn"
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Cortex's Iceberg Lair

This is the secret stronghold and home of Neo Cortex. Located not far from the shores of Nordaustlandet in the Svalbard archipelago, it is a giant structure built on a small peak, with a giant N on the front section. Near the laboratory is a large house, which is Cortex's private home. Mammoths, wooly rhinos and other Ice Age fauna live here, recreated by Cortex himself.
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Stark Tower, New York

The 3Rd largest building in the city of New York, it is the grand throne of Stark Industries. Over 95 floors of operational work space for the companies projects & towering the city at nearly 100 stories tall. Recently constructed by Anthony Stark, the CEO of Stark Industries, it is powered by its own independent arc reactor, capable of sustaining the tower for over a year without any cost to the city. As well as keeping the companies advanced technology, the Tower is also the keeper & the treasurer of Anthony Stark's infamous hall of "Iron Man" armor. With over three dozen types of different Iron Man suits available. Stark's main office, one of the largest rooms in the building, rests at the 92nd floor & above that- An actual living quarters for guests & friends. The building also keeps underground levels, where the Arc Reactor is kept safe as well as the Hall of Armor. It also houses a few enclosures for his dinosaurs or guest's dinosaurs.
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Stark Mansion

Settled directly on the west coast of California & owned by Anthony Stark, the mansion is vast & large, with much money invested in it's creation. A perfect, luxurious home for a multi-billion dollar business owner. The mansion has three key floors. The first floor is the living quarters, with a dining room, a personal bar, a workout room, a DJ & party room, & a beautiful living room with the most wonderful view of the Pacific Ocean. Outside, there is a balcony often used for parties & an outdoor swimming pool. The top floor is where Stark's bedroom is. Along with a view other rooms for their clothes & one for Jennifer. The bottom, sub-level floor, is known as Stark's personal fun-house. Here, like in Stark Tower, Stark keeps his inventions & vast technologies here. Even personal projects he works on. He keeps a personal collection of self-made automobiles of such vast design & fortune & also keeps a second Hall of Iron Man armor. Stark's artificial intelligence, JARVIS, runs as the mansion's "Butler."
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Devoltstadt, The Central European Empire

A vast & growing empire & Kingdom formed in the 14th century, The Central European Empire is the Kingdom of the tyrannical Luther Von Mayhem, the kingdom's current ruler & monarch. It is one of the fastest growing nations in the world & is one of the largest countries in Europe. The only nation who has ever brought utter defeat to the Russians & the Chinese & with one of the largest, most powerful armies of all Europe. With territories & borders expanding over current countries such as Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia & more & with Latveria being it's close neighboring country. The population is over sixty five million people. The type of Government is an absolute Monarchy & Dictatorship & languages spoken here include English, German, Hungarian, Latin, Greek & Latverian on occasion. The Kingdom has thrived for hundreds of years & still thrives today with it's rich culture. Despite the evil of Luther Von Mayhem, the kingdom is very peaceful & it's surrounding geography makes it a very beautiful haven & is one of the leading nations of advanced technology. The royal capital & the throne of Von Mayhem is the city known as Devoltstadt. Here, Von Mayhem's castle stands tall before all others upon the mountain slopes, where it oversee's the kingdom. In the city lies a massive colloseum where dinosaurs are placed to fight! The rules of JFC apply to the fights & the tournaments are placed in 5 different rounds. Only the most powerful & the most worthy are capable of challenging Von Mayhem himself. Visitors are welcome to visit the Kingdom at their own free will. But be warned! The word of Von Mayhem is law! This is a land of peace & a land of absolute order! Fail to obey the will of Mayhem....& the consequences will be severe!
1156Thu Mar 20, 2014 8:33 pm
Kristoff Madeline Orihime's European vacation
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The Tera-Dome: The Ultimate Dinosaur Region

In the Indian Ocean between the island countries of Madagascar and Sri Lanka is a very large terraformed island which has an area of four thousand square miles, larger than the island of Buru in Indonesia. Over the island and taking in some of the ocean habitat around the island is a massive dome structure that protects the island from natural disasters or events. Lush forests abound, mountains have been formed, river systems cut through the island to provide freshwater, and even an inland sea is featured in this terraformed location. The mastermind behind this is Brandon Johns and a number of scientists, architects, and a personal special operations team. The dome around the island has been specially designed to be able to create environmental changes such as rainy or dry season periods to provide a natural setting for the islands Mesozoic residents. From sauropods and theropods to prehistoric marine reptiles and pterosaurs, this is the most advanced dinosaur facility in the world; with secrets that few are even aware of...for now anyway.
11Fri Oct 18, 2013 3:31 am
John Hammond Natural Selection
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The Grand Marshall Museum, New York

Located in the heart of Central Park & across from the famous American Museum of Natural History, The Grand Marshall Museum is a truly one of a kind tourist attraction & exhibit! Funded & created by the renowned paleontologist, Rick Marshall, it is the very first & only museum in all the world to fully exhibit living, breathing dinosaurs! As to having normal skeletons on display. For the first time in history, tourists & people from all over the world get to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the vast collection of Dr.Marshall's dinosaurs on display in this unique museum. Ranging in all different kinds of species & even exclusive dinosaurs in which Rick Marshall shows in the great JFC tournaments. The greatest attraction being the fearsome Tyrnanosaurus, Grumpy! The Large museum houses two key areas. The inside & the building's house the visitor centers, the gift shops, food courts as well as the beginning of the Dinosaur tour, where Marshall's smaller dinosaurs are exhibited. The second area, the outside, houses the rest of the dinosaur exhibit, where the animals are kept secured & lept on exhibit from the safety of their enclosures, housing their natural environments to make them feel all at home. Which displays Marshall's larger & more impressive dinosaurs like Doc, Odysseus, Alice & Grumpy. Open 24/7, & seven days a week, this is the Ultimate Dinosaur experience to ever hit the Big Apple!
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Region submission thread

Here, you may post ideas of a new territory that you want to create.
2626Mon Aug 19, 2013 5:07 am
Kristoff Madeline The Grand Marshall Museum, New York
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