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 The Grand Marshall Museum, New York

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The Grand Marshall Museum, New York Empty
PostSubject: The Grand Marshall Museum, New York   The Grand Marshall Museum, New York EmptyMon Aug 19, 2013 5:07 am

The Grand Marshall Museum, New York Dinosaur_Hall-2_exterior
Located in the heart of Central Park & across from the famous American Museum of Natural History, The Grand Marshall Museum is a truly one of a kind tourist attraction & exhibit! Funded & created by the renowned paleontologist, Rick Marshall, it is the very first & only museum in all the world to fully exhibit living, breathing dinosaurs! As to having normal skeletons on display. For the first time in history, tourists & people from all over the world get to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the vast collection of Dr.Marshall's dinosaurs on display in this unique museum. Ranging in all different kinds of species & even exclusive dinosaurs in which Rick Marshall shows in the great JFC tournaments. The greatest attraction being the fearsome Tyrnanosaurus, Grumpy! The Large museum houses two key areas. The inside & the building's house the visitor centers, the gift shops, food courts as well as the beginning of the Dinosaur tour, where Marshall's smaller dinosaurs are exhibited. The second area, the outside, houses the rest of the dinosaur exhibit, where the animals are kept secured & lept on exhibit from the safety of their enclosures, housing their natural environments to make them feel all at home. Which displays Marshall's larger & more impressive dinosaurs like Doc, Odysseus, Alice & Grumpy.
Open 24/7, & seven days a week, this is the Ultimate Dinosaur experience to ever hit the Big Apple!
The Grand Marshall Museum, New York Dinosaur_Hall-1_exterior
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The Grand Marshall Museum, New York
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