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 The Madeline Dinosaur reserve & National Park

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The Madeline Dinosaur reserve & National Park Empty
PostSubject: The Madeline Dinosaur reserve & National Park   The Madeline Dinosaur reserve & National Park EmptyMon Nov 12, 2012 11:56 pm

Funded by the Madeline family for several years, the Dinosaur reserve & National Park is a luxurious facility on a large island off the coast of Brazil. Fully protected by the Brazilian government. Much like Jurassic Park, the Reserve contains & houses many different species of dinosaurs, featured in their natural habitats. Only on a larger scale. The National Park houses a massive museum with the largest collection of dinosaur fossils, skeletons & other remains anywhere in the world. Visitor's have the choice of visiting the live reserve or the museums as the national park also houses outdoor exhibits. With it's own Hotel services, food facilities and gift shops, this place has it all. The island is also home to a training facility for all tournament contestants to help train their dinosaurs for battle. You are free to train ANY dinosaur you wish as they are contained in special reserved enclosures. All courtesy of the Madeline Family. Open to the public 24/7.
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The Madeline Dinosaur reserve & National Park
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