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 Friedrich Schmidt- The Red Skull: The Supreme Leader of HYDRA

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PostSubject: Friedrich Schmidt- The Red Skull: The Supreme Leader of HYDRA   Fri Nov 16, 2012 12:08 am

Name: Friedrich Schmidt
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (appears in his 40's-50's with mask)
Zodiac: Unknown
Height: 6 ft
Nationality: German
Appearance: Friedrich is often seen with a classic German Military uniform. Wearing a dark, leathery black trench coat over himself. On both of his shoulders are two HYDRA symbols coated in blood red, wheres the normal officer symbol is a simple silver, establishing his higher authority within the ranks of HYDRA. He is also seen wearing his disguise; a mask that resembles his former face before becoming The Red Skull. After taking a serum knwn as the "HYDRA serum", his face completely changed & his skin began to change into a sinister blood red in color. His very skull began to slightly show from his skin as well. When wearing his disguise, he has blue eyes with a lining of neatly combed brown hair. He often wears this mask to conceal his true form to others & always carries a single pistol around himself inside his trench coat.
Personality: Friedrich Schmidt is without a doubt one of the most sinister men who have ever lived in the history of mankind. Often referred as the Modern day Adolf Hitler & twice as evil, & with more power, making him the most dreaded & feared man in all the world. He is purely evil, twisted, cold hearted & with no remorse for all who are thought to be inferior to him. He is Tyrannical & with the mind of a Dictator, who plans to rule over man with an iron-fist. He is also very egotistical, thinking he is above everyone & the laws of man. Believing that he, along with the ranks of "HYDRA", are the superior race of mankind. But not just man, but dinosaurs as well! To create "the perfect Saurians" that would outmatch all others! He attempts to wipe out all his enemies &, with the use of dinosaur ranks, conquer the world to establish a new world order! The order of HYDRA! At the same time, he is very manipulative! Tricking his foes & sometimes even using others to do his dirty work! He is a man who never tolerates any form of failure & those who fail him suffer the consequences severely. His orders are the law of HYDRA.....& it is best they be followed.
Profession: The Leader of the terrorist organization, HYDRA.
Strengths: Master intellect, master of dinosaur combat, authority, manipulative, beyond physical perfection to rival his arch enemy, Nathanial Rogers, expert in many forms of combat, expert marksman
Weaknesses: arrogant, failures, egotistical
Hobbies: Creating plans to rule the world, destroying his enemies, brutal dinosaur fights, showing off his powerful & "superior" dinosaurs
JFC Experience: 7 years
Biography: Born & raised in Germany, Schmidt was born into a brutal world where he was forced to survive on his own & make a living for himself. During his life growing up, he was taught of the miseries of life and was forced to steal & thieve to survive. Years later, after years of brutal living & surviving, Schmidt was soon beginning form his plan for revenge upon his enemies & all those who made him suffer! He became a brutal & sinister yet cunning man who used much brute force & extreme carnage to eliminate his foes! Setting the houses of his enemies aflame & many other sinister crimes! He was beginning to become the most wanted in all of Germany & all of Europe! He had always believed in the ideals of "The superior race" of man kind & because of his ideals & his believes, he was soon recruited in several Neo Nazi organizations. With the power to spread fear & chaos, Schmidt used the organization to his own advantage to get revenge upon all his enemies & all who defied him until his life soon took an even more sinister turn! He was approached by HYDRA, a terrorist organization that was presumed dead at the end of the second World War & founded by the original Red Skull! Schmidt began to discover the secrets of WW2 & how HYDRA in fact survived! He was accepted in the ranks of the organization & soon made his way high up to the more leading ranks of captain, commander, & general! The organization then started to create their very own Dinosaurs! Pure, 100% accurate dinosaurs! Making them as "The superior Dinosaurians" as Schmidt himself envisions, as they used their dinosaurs to carry out their plans & crimes on a major scale! Terrorizing other organizations & populated cities! However, it wasnt long before he made a startling discovery that tied him further into the HYDRA ranks! It turned out that Friedrich Schmidt was infact the descendent of the Sinister man named Johann Schmidt- The Original Red Skull! This soon gave him the long desired respect he deserved as he was then placed as the Supreme Leader of all HYDRA & took the mantel of his long dead ancestor by injecting himself with the very same serum that made his ancestor the red headed terrorist of WW2, thus granting him near beyond human physical capabilities, increasing his strength, his speed, his endurance & his intellect! & thus was born a new man! A more dangerous man unlike any that had come before!
& Thus the Red Skull was Reborn!
(WITH Disguise. To look like his formal self)

(WITHOUT disguise. As Red Skull)
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Friedrich Schmidt- The Red Skull: The Supreme Leader of HYDRA
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